Sick of it All @ The Metro, Chicago, IL

Live Reviews | Oct 28th, 2003

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Opening Bands: The Unseen
Date: October 28th, 2003
Venue: The Metro, Chicago

The Unseen exploded onto the Metro’s stage, Tuesday the 28 of October! (Leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind which band they bought tickets for). Upon the first chord struck, leather-clad, mohawked adolescents pummeled their way into the middle of the fracas that was the second floor.

Some old hits were played but mostly new ones – lets be honest, all their songs are hits- on the account that the original lead guitarist, Scott, had been replaced. Nevertheless, it was a definite frenzy, and the chaos didn’t halt for a second! The vehement music of old schoolers, Sick Of It All, showcased Boston Hardcore and showed all the newbies how to shake it down! The crowd aged considerably, from young rockers to seasoned vets. of the scene. Sick Of It All played strong and, ended with their classic “split pit,” in which the mosh is divided down the middle, so as to leave space in between, and once the music starts all up to the task kick, stomp push and plow their way to the other side!

The amount of energy at the show was tremendous, and definitely worth sitting through the first few “metiocre” bands. I would certainly recommend either of the two bands whose names appear here next time they stop into Chicago!


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