28 Days Later (Review 2)

Movie Reviews | Jun 27th, 2003

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Starring Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Noah Huntley, Megan Burns, Stuart McQuarrie, Brendan Gleeson
Written By:
Directed By: Danny Boyle
As a long time zombie flick fan from greats like Lucio Fulci and George A Romero, I wondered how Danny Boyle would do. After seeing the trailer I was very excited to go see it, and it didn’t disappoint me either.

As opposed to what SOME reviewers say *cough cough Lauren cough cough left arms longer than the right cough cough* it should never even come in the same sentence as resident evil, EVER! Not that I did that just now ……… Moving right along.

The story starts with animal rights activists trying to free monkeys from a government lab and make the HORRID mistake of releasing monkeys infected with (what I assume to be a biological warfare drug) “Rage”. That whole mistake leads to some great death screams from morons who deserved it for not listening to the warning they were given. Then cuts to a man waking up from his coma only to find London deserted and silent. The angles in which they shot the movie are great, the director did an amazing job as you will see through the whole intro. Another great aspect of this movie is the fact that as zombified as the “villians” are, they aren’t zombies. They can indeed die, they are just infected. Jim (main character) runs into a few other survivors from this horrid outbreak (of sorts) and they find hope in a radio transmission. From that point on its all about trying to live so expect a lot of really messed up things to happen, cause they will.

All this leads up to my main worry of the whole movie, the ending. Again, being a long time zombie flick fan I know that most of them stick to a same kind of cliché George Romero ending, this movie finally had the balls to do something new, and for that I commend you Danny Boyle and applaud as well. The acting is top notch in this movie, and not “for a horror flick” either, it was damn good! The plot is a lot more realistic in certain aspects, or all aspects really, and that makes it even creepier.

Favorite Scenes: The opening, Jim’s house, and the entire end from the time the rain REALLY starts at the mansion till the end.
Running Time: 0 minutes
Overall Rating:


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