Nurse Betty

Movie Reviews | Sep 8th, 2000

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Starring Renee Zellweger, Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, Greg Kinnear, George McFly
Written By: John C. Richards, James Flamberg
Directed By: Neil LaBute

Let me first start out by saying I wanted Betty (Renee Zellweger) to die because of her stupidity. Betty was this pleasant waitress who watched way too much TV, mainly the soap opera starring Greg Kinnear’s character, Dr. David Ravell.

She goes into deniel and thinks this soap opera is real. Betty is married to Del, a used car’s salemen who treats her like shit and cheats on her. One things leads to another and Charlie and Wesley (two hitmen), meet up with Del about something. Betty decides to leave everything behind and go meet “her ex-husband Dr David Ravell.” She finalley gets the chance to, but she has a few people looking for her. That basically sums up the movie. I hope I didn’t spoil too much. I thought the movie was okay. It had it’s moments. Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman actually make a good team, and Greg Kinnear is always good at acting. I always liked him on Talk Soup when he was on it. To see everyone so involved with a soap opera was funny.

The movie showed that not only Betty was crazy with the soap opera. The movie did have flaws in it like when point when you see Del talking on the phone, you see a boom mic at the top of the screen. I guess the director didn’t care about that? It took me awhile to make me believe Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock were hitmen but they made up for it. The movie can be very funny one minute and then really dark the next. It was cool to see George McFly in a movie finally. It’s definitely one to see on video, I enjoyed the movie though.

Favorite Scenes: I liked the Chris Rock scenes.
Running Time: 105 minutes
Overall Rating:


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