Titans Episode 10: Koriand’r

TV Reviews | Dec 16th, 2018

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Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter
Created By: Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns
Studio: Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television

With the help of Raven, Kory’s true nature has been revealed. Her mission: come to Earth and kill Rachel before she brings about not only the end of Earth, but the end of all life in the universe.

Episode 10 of “Titans” titled “Koriand’r” dives into the past that Kory/Starfire hasn’t been able to remember for the entirety of the first season. The episode begins with Rachel in the astral plane as she tries to contact Hank and Dawn and we see a recap of the events of last episode but from Rachel’s perspective. We shuffle to our dimension and see Kory holding Rachel by her neck with Garfield trying to help to no avail. Suddenly, Dick rushes in and gets hit with a Beast Boy special to the head as Kori throws Garfield off of her. Suddenly a golden rope appears around Kori’s neck and she gets flung right into the fist of Donna Troy for a one punch knockout. Kory wakes up and seems to have no recollection of what had just happened.

Struggling with the fact that she almost killed Rachel and wasn’t in control and after being taken out with one punch and a wondrous lasso of gold by Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Kory heads out on her own to learn more about the memories that are recently flooding her mind. Unbeknownst to her, Dick and Donna tail her as she arrives at an abandoned manufacturing plant. With Dick telling Kory that she’s not going to do this on her own, the trio enter the factory and discover that Kori has a cloaked spaceship parked within. Upon boarding the spaceship, they discover and ancient book with the same writing as was in the storage unit that Kory was using as a base of operations for some time. In the book, they begin to unravel the truth about the situation between Kory and Rachel.

As Dick and company learn about the true nature of Rachel and her powers, Rachel, Garfield and her mom try and start a normal life up once again at Rachel’s mom’s house. The local sheriff arrives and tries to hit on Rachel’s mom while investigating reports of activity at the long abandoned house. Rachel and Garfield share a bonding experience as they’re both feeling kind of strange at the house and Garfield begins to have visions of his ordeal at the Asylum as he looks in a mirror and is covered in blood that drips from his mouth and he also sees the scientist that he mauled and killed outside on the lawn. He feels tired and sick and decides to go lay down for a little bit. Later on, Garfield wakes up feeling deathly ill and falls to the ground unconscious. Rachel’s mom tells her that only she can help Garfield by asking for her father’s help and by using her powers. The sheriff comes back with flowers for Rachel’s mother, who then proceeds to stab him to death while mentioning that she neglected to tell him that she’s in a relationship. Ooof…burned!

As Rachel ponders the choice that she must make, and after being told over and over again how horrible and evil her father was and is…she decides that for the sake of Garfield’s life, she needs her father’s help. Preparations are made and incantations spoken as the reflection in the mirror in the room begins to twist and turn and morph into a black mass. Rachel sticks her arm into it, pulling out a beastly arm that morphs into a human and we are introduced to Rachel’s father for the first time.

As Dick, Donna and Kori reveal the truth regarding Rachel’s father, we are finally given the name that most Titans fans have been waiting for all season as well as a hologram in Kory’s ship of his true beastly form. Trigon birthed a child of Earth so that he would have a doorway back to our dimension and no one can stop him other than the slightest of possibilities that Rachel can complete a set of trials that will send Trigon back to his dimension. They feel that Trigon is close to breaching dimensions and hurry to get back to Rachel’s side all the while knowing that they fell right into Trigon’s trap. Rachel’s mother is in cahoots with Trigon and has been playing the group since the Asylum if not longer.

Trigon helps out Rachel at her request and saves Garfield’s life. Rachel seems to welcome Trigon with open arms after he saves Beast Boy. Outside the rest of the Titans notice that Rachel’s mom’s house is missing as the dimensions have shifted. Donna and Kory can’t get through the barrier but Dick runs straightforward into danger and the barrier shifts and opens for him. Trigon takes notice of Dick’s arrival and the episode comes to a sudden end.

While beating around the bush for the reveal all season long and, after going the route of Mephisto in the “Ghost Rider” movie as a demon in human form, it is finally revealed that Rachel’s father is none other than and obviously so…Trigon, demon overlord of a multitude of planets in other dimensions. The Titans pale in comparison power-wise to Trigon so it will be interesting to see if and how they can defeat him. As the trailer to the season finale in episode 11 reveals, Trigon has some plans for Dick Grayson in some kind of dreamscape and it has yet to be revealed exactly why Raven had Hank and Dawn seek out Dick Grayson last episode, possibly to contact Batman and some of his Justice League friends?

I’m really curious to see how they tie everything together for the season finale. I truly hope that they don’t go the route of having Batman swoop in and save the day. That would really cheapen everything that the writers have been building up to with making the Titans a dysfunctional family but a team on the verge of great things. Will Dick finally break through his violent overtones and finally don the Nightwing persona? Will the “Titans” roster be doubled in size in preparation for a second season as Trigon as the main villain? So many questions…and one long week to wait for answers, dammit!
Rating: NR
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