Bad Religion (Jay)

Interviews | Sep 26th, 2006

Bad Religion 30 Years Live

Can we expect a new release anytime soon?
Well, the consensus is that we’re going to start working in February when Brooks gets back form the Tenacious D tour. So..I think…Greg’s written eight or nine songs and he just went and worked with Brett. I think Brett’s got two or three songs.

What music out there today influences you?
I listen to the Arctic Monkeys. You know why, because I’m tired of people trying to be something and I just want to have a good time.

What is your favorite track of that album?
Right now it’s Mardy Bum. You know what? Honestly I like the whole disc. I can put it in listen to it on repeat and listen to the whole thong again. So that tells me a it’s a good disc.

After such a lengthy career, what keeps you motivated to perform and put out new material?

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
We’ll keep going until it’s not fun anymore. The thing is, is that it’s a great thing that we get to do. It’s just like you playing poker with your buddies or drop-in hockey. No one is hurt, no one is sick, no one is dying, there’s no reason to stop. There’s still tons of material to write about. Everyday there’s some new musical, technological advance that makes you go WOW! That’d be rad to use on a record.’ Whatever that might be at the time. As long as we’re not somehow fooling ourselves that we’re curing cancer we can still have a great time doing it.

Are there any bands that you could see yourselves mentoring and passing the torch along to?
No. Laughs I don’t have any advice for anyone because there isn’t any advice to give. You either learn this on your own or you do it exactly like someone else. I know enough bands to know that, politically, and I don’t mean whether you’re republican or democrat, I just mean the politics of being in a band is different for everyone. So if I sit down and say well, this is how we did it,’ it just work for them.

How have things in punk rock changed since your beginning?
The one thing I can say about this form of music now, is that there’s a little bit of that ideology that this could be a career. So instead of it being an art form, a passion, now it’s fuck it, I’m gonna be in a band and get signed to a major label. Nobody gave a shit about what we were doing at first. That’s the biggest difference. It’s looked at in a much more professional light than it ever has been in the past. That’s a terrible thing. It’s OK when you reach a certain status because you can handle that kind of ideology. When you’re young and starting out and you get sucked in by a management company and sign on to a shitty label or sign a bad contract and you put out two records and just get raked over the fucking coals and they send you out on tour for 18 months and you come back with nothing to show for it. You come home and your girlfriend left you. You know what’s left? You start a fucking emo band and cry about what happened.

If there was such a thing as the punk rock Hall of Fame, who would be your first inductee?
Sid Vicious. And then I would stop. That would be the end of it.

You’re touring with the Dropkick Murphy’s. There must be some NHL controversy. Who is your early pick for the Stanley Cup?
It is so early. Maybe Toronto. On paper they seem to putting together a good team. I’ve made predictions in the past and I’ve always been wrong. I live in Vancouver and I am a very fair-weathered Canucks fan. I think sometimes they make horrible decisions. The last thing I want to do, is support a team that makes bad decisions. Like, when the Grizzlies were there. They sucked. When they left they were like you’re a bad basketball town, you didn’t support us.’ They were like 0 and 58, why the hell would we? Against the Wizards, they couldn’t win. They spent all of their money on Big Country.’ But back to the Murphy’s issue. They’re big Bruin fans and I can’t blame them. They’re all from Boston except Scruff. The bigger issue was with baseball. At the beginning of the tour I said Ok, let’s get this out of the way now. You know who I like and we’re never going to discuss it again.’ Put it this way I watched Reggie Jackson hit the ball out of the Dodgers Stadium and I was the only one standing and cheering. I remember catfish Hunter and Thurman Munson. And they were like well then that’s ok, you’ve been around forever.’

On a scale of 1-10 with one being Dr. Phil McGraw and ten being Jeff Goldblum would you kindly rank my handsomness.
Jeff Goldblum? I’ve never really thought of him as a handsome fella. I do like him. I loved him in the Fly. I’m gonna give a 7 towards Goldblumness.

Root canal or colonoscopy?
I’ve never had a colonoscopy so I’ll try that. You mean just raw. I can see the humor in that. I’m a father.

Who, out of the band, would clean up in a fistfight?
-You mean like a free-for-all?
-No, let’s set-up a tournament format. You win you go on.
Fuck. I’m gonna say me because I wouldn’t fight fair. I would bite ears, kick in the nuts and pull hair. I don’t like to fight so when I do, I make 100% commited effort to win. I don’t want to lose.

Who do you believe let the dogs out?
George Bush and I hold him 100% responsible to clean this mess up.

In one word, sum up Bad Religion.

Thanks to Epitaph for hooking us up with the interview and Thanks to Jay for answering questions about Jeff Goldblum. Bad Religion is now on tour and check out their website here:


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