Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Um, who the fuck are you?
My name is Jon and I lay down vocal-bangs for Folly. You can call me “Frenchy the Fries” or “Cheesey the steakies.” I am a young man.

What kind of crappy music do you play?
We consider our music a good background music for calf-roping, bingo, and other buffoonery. Typically the rock and/or roll is also good for fucking people to.

I had sex with your mom last night. That’s not a question, so much as a statement of fact.
My mother died in a car accident several years ago. I know you didn’t know that and perhaps you wouldn’t have brought that up if you did know it, and I really won’t hold that against you. However, meany, if you did your research before your interview, you wouldn’t ruin someone’s day.

Do you think your music will improve when you grow some pubes?
I shit my pants in front of the toilet.

Besides Folly, What’s one band that needs to throw in the towel?
All of those wimp ska bands, fuck them all. RUDEBOYS ARE STUPID.

What member of your band do you find extremely hot?
Without a single doubt in my mind, and as all the ladies agree, Anthony “The tones that men will forever make” Wille. The young man has an amazing, magical way with his… fingers.

You suck, what are you going to do about it sucky?
The only domestic animal not mentioned in the bible is a cat. Rabbits and horses can not vomit. Scorpions can withstand 200 times more nuclear radiation than humans. The United States has never lost a war in which mules were used. Crazy!

Plug your poo will ya!
Goshen sucks!

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