Only Crime (Russ, Zach)

Interviews | Feb 6th, 2007

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Do you think looks could kill?
Russ: If they could I would look at emo bands.
Zach: if they had a motive.

Your second album “Virulence” was just released on Fat Wreck Chords. How come you didn’t ask Richard Grieco to be on it?
Russ: We did but he deferred on the premise that he didn’t want to shoot his wad on us. He needed to save it for his new release “Hey Who Give’s A Shit?”
Zach: He liked Chavo more than Dez.

If Richard Grieco was a music critic, do you think he’d like your new album?
Russ: I think that someone who agreed to make that lame spy movie shouldn’t have a damn opinion.
Zach: If he could dance to it, sure.

The song “Take Me” sort of sounds like the theme song to 21 Jump Street. Was that what you were aiming for?
Russ: Of course, and this whole time we thought we could get away with it.
Zach: That and ‘the Greatest American Hero’ theme

If Dennis Booker was to start a punk band, what do you think the name of the band would be?
Russ: The Who The Hell Is Dennis Booker Band.
Zach: The Hooker-Bookers

How would you compare your first two albums with Richard’s epic 1994 album “Waiting for the Sky to Fall”?
Russ: I never heard it, thank god.
Zach: Well that would be like comparing a porn mag to Huck Finn

Tell me an awesome groupie story… involving Richard Grieco.
Russ: There’s too many.
Zach: well, me and Ricky [as I like to call him] were out gettin’ grieco’d [as we like to call it] and Rick copped some speed that ended up being plastic,so he smoked it all anyway and his lungs filled to capacity with fluid. I had to rush him to the hospital, the last thing I remember the doc came and told me he had passed and I sat and held him in my arms and screamed into the night “RICKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!” My scream woke him up and he looked at me with tear filled eyes and said,”….where are the fuckin’ whores?”. that story still gets me upset.

If you had to chose, which is your favorite Richard Grieco movie of all-time?
Russ: The lame spy one.
Zach: The one with the Greatest American Hero in it.

Say you woke up one day with the power of Griecovision. How would you view the world?
Russ: From the viewpoint of a shitty actor.
Zach: With a long lull in my career.

Final comments?
Russ: You need to go to Grieco Anonymous.
Zach: the story I told didn’t happen. Sorry, I just made it up so you would like me.

Only Crime’s new album ‘Virulence’ is out now on Fat Wreck Chords. Thanks for the interviews guys!