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Interviews | Sep 10th, 2008

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Plan 9 is an awesome Misfits-influenced punk band that started out as a tribute band. They now have original music and released their latest album “Manmade Monster” on Nickel and Dime Records.’s Amy Schroeder sent the band a few questions and Barrie the bass player responded.

Plan 9 has been described (by MRR) as starting the genre “Misfits.” Do you consider that an accurate label?

Well I guess since we started out as a tribute band we are bound to get that. I will admit we did our damnedest to imitate the Misfits sound and look, But put our own spin on it.

What band would you LEAST like to see become its own genre?
I think it has all been done already. I have seen the Kissfits, Missfits, Misfats, you name it. I guess what I would not like to see is more people taking the Misfits and making a joke out of it. But parody is never going away. People dont realize the impact the Misfits had on Punk.

I’ve read about some really awesome shows you guys have played, but I was also curious – what’s the worst show you’ve played? (Anywhere you would never return?)
The Showcase Theater in Corona California. We were playing to a pretty big crowd and it was one of the times ALL of our friends came out to the show. Well after the second song my Bass amp blew out, then after 3 more songs our Guitar player’s Amp blew out. So you can imagine the looks on our friend’s faces who never seen us live. They looked like we lied to them about our kickass” shows. Basically the show ended after 15 minutes and later we found out the stage electric system was fucked and the power surges killed our amps. Oh…We had our share of crappy shows over the years.

How did you guys make the decision to move from Misfits covers to original music?
We figured you can only play someone elses songs for so long. We all play in other bands that do originals. We never planned on doing it forever. But I guess we were doing something right so it continued on. But we felt it was time for a change.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
Hopefully doing more music and the Misfits songs will be just a Misfits Melody inserted in the set.

What horror movies should fans of your music rent this weekend (provided they are not at one of your shows)?
Creature from the Black lagoon, The Howling, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Hellraiser

When zombies finally attack, do you see Plan 9 fighting to the last drop of blood or just going with the flow and turning all zombie on people’s asses right away?
We will join in on the mayhem for sure…

Final comments?
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