Rise Against (Tim)

Interviews | Aug 8th, 2006

Thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions for a poor, lowly site that gets -+ a hit a day!

Firstly, congrats on the success of the new album! Top 10 spot on billboard, must be quite the feeling.
It’s definitely overwhelming, though I’ve never measured our success in terms of what the mainstream world thinks of our band or how many records we sell. I’m just happy to play music everyday and reach people.

You guys have said before that you love Warped Tour because it is out of the safety of a Rise Against show where the majority are there to see you; anticipating the reception from the fans with the recent success?
We’ve played for some of the biggest crowds of our lives this summer, the reception has been awesome.

Your albums in the past have had songs that are, or could be, considered anthems; this one far more than the rest. Was that a conscious aspect of writing the material for the live show, or just how it happened?
We’ve never planned out a record or even a song, they just happen. A lot of what happens in our band, happens very organically. We never map anything out, we just let the music come out of us.

A day in the life of “Rise Against:”
Wake up, do phone interviews for an hour, catch lunch at catering while it’s still hot, do a signing at our tent or PETA’s tent or somewhere else, do email interviews, play Guitar Hero, read a book, catch dinner, warm-up for the set, play a show, change your sweaty clothes, head over to the BBQ to hang with buds.

While there are obviously no hard feelings between you and the Fat family; what made you sign on to Geffen from Fat Wreck?
To get our band and message out to more people. You’ll find the answer to this question in most interviews we did last year.

Anyone you would like to collaborate with for a BYO split?
We have a lot of friends out here, anyone from Thursday to Against Me! would be a lot of fun.

You guys are one of the best live bands I have seen, even outside of the Punk world. Who are some of your favorite live acts, past or present, that have influenced you and why?
Pegboy was a huge influence on me, their shows were always insane, the crowd more than the band, but insane nonetheless. Refused and At The Drive In always impressed me live, as did Fugazi.

With traveling the world on tour, any unknown bands from countries outside of the USA or local acts you want to plug that you feel should get more recognition?
Red Lights Flash, Berri Txarrak, and Man Alive.

Do any of you master in the arts of any odd instruments?
A few of us dabble with piano, but I think that’s about it.

Why the decision to cut “But Tonight We Dance” from the album (great track!)?
In our opinion they were all great songs, but we needed to cut one, that just happened to be the one.

Any current events you want to comment on?
Go check out www.ISawEarthlings.com and watch the trailer.

Ever consider entering your tour bus into “Pimp My Ride”?
Up until this upcoming tour we will have toured in van, so we have some great ideas for that…

Plug time! Tours, new album, yard sale, support for Dustin Diamond, whatever you guys want to plug!
New video, new record, upcoming tour with Thursday, and we’ll be in the UK, Europe and Australia before Christmas.

Thanks a lot guys! Congrats on the success, hope you guys have a lot more to come; and remember; baby, don’t fear the reaper!