The Forces of Evil

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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So you’ve got this side project now? Are you getting sick of Reel Big Fish or something?
Uuuummmmm I don’t understand the question. I’m just doing the forces of evil stuff, I don’t know what Reel Big Fish has to do with it.

How did this band of Evildoers come about?
I was at jeffries fanclub’s last show and I asked Justin,Derek and Chris if they wanted to make a new ska band.kinda like picking up on the widow at the funeral.

If you had to explain the difference between Reel Big Fish and The Forces of Evil to a retarded child, what would you say?
I don’t know why you keep bringing up Reel Big Fish (are you trying to start a rivalry between us or something?) but I think we kick more ass and keep it way more real than them (although I am a fan). And we actually like ska punk music, go figure. Anyway, if I was asked to explain the difference to a retarded child I would probably use lollipops.

You guys aren’t on a label right now correct? Are you going to pursue that or do you just want to release your music independently?
We are about to sign to Zamba/Jive cuz that ska/punk music still sells I guess. We didn’t mind doing it ourselves but it will be nice to have our music more readily available in record stores even though it’s all about downloading now days.

Which Ska band gets the hottest groupies?
Well the singer of sum 41 got Paris Hilton and I don’t know if she’d be considered a groupie but he wins either way. Also I know Sugar Ray gets hot groupies with fake boobies. We in FOE have really really really cute and or hot girlfriends (with no fake boobies).

Was The Forces Of Evil created to mock the many angry bands in the music scene today?
Uuummmmm not really, we ARE an angry band…if you didn’t notice! We started cuz there’s too many people making too much bad ska outthere!

If there was a BASEketball 2, would you like to participate in it?
What’s baseketball?

Which is more evil: George W. Bush or George Bush Sr.:
George W

Christopher Walken or William Dafoe:
Christopher Walken

Ernest Borgnine or Eric Roberts:
Eric Roberts

Scott Baio or Willie Ames:

Sexual Harassment Panda or The Underpants Gnomes:

Bill ‘O Reilly or Herpes:
Definitely not herpes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

What would Jesus say about your bands?
My grandma said we make little baby Jesus sad. My dad also said that he is worried about my immortal soul burning in a lake of fire. And that is AWESOME!!!

You’ve toured around the world, which city smells like a pile of shit? Asbury Park right?
We’ve mostly just toured the southwest so far but outside the backdoor of the brick house in Arizona smelled pretty fucking terrible!

Which band has the worst live show?
I’d have to say radiohead, fucking boring self indulgent musician bullshit!

What’s next for Forces of Evil and Reel Big Fish?
What exactly is your obsession with asking me about Reel Big Fish? How the fuck should I know what they are doing!? We are gonna be re-releasing our album with no typos and we’re gonna play some shows and write new songs and put out albums and sacrifice virgins to our dark lord…you know, the same stuff bands usually do.

Any final comments, plugs, tour dates, etc.?
Check out our website: and go see Suburban Legends, they are on tour all fall and they need your support! ~Hey,Don’t forget to brush your teeth!!~