The Kaiser Chiefs

Interviews | May 14th, 2007

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‘Yours Truly Angry Mob’ recently came out. What aspects of that album are you most happy with?
I’m probably most pleased with the songs.

The first album was very successful. Did that create any pressure to “create another ‘Employment'”?

One of the things we wanted was not to be is to be known for ever for just one song. We wanted to eclipse “I Predict A Riot.” Not sure what creating another Employment means but we wanted to have another successful album obviously and so any pressure came from us.

Why do you think it’s harder to break into the US market?
Just the sheer size of the US makes it difficult to “break”. We have spent a long time touring in the UK and have obviously done well there. Then we come to the US for a month, and everyone asks if we’ve broken America, that’s impossible. Fortunately there’s a lot of demand for us to play in countries all around the world so we can only spend a certain amount of time in the US. We do okay where ever we go, so we’ll just keep coming back.

Have you found that online video sites like YouTube have shifted the need for music videos away from traditional television outlets? Would you say that these sites give the video – and essentially the band – more exposure?
I think it means people can always find a video if they want to watch it. Video is more and more important as that is one of the main ways people listen to music. YouTube is also great for finding everything you have ever missed.

When listening to your albums, I always notice a slight 2-tone sound. Were you guys a bunch of rudeboys growing up?
No, we were mods.

Which do you enjoy more: playing big festivals or smaller venues?
Festivals offer the chance to win over the doubters, we love that.

What’s a misconception about the band you’d like to set straight?
Cheeky British Chappies. We are a serious band that writes great songs, we just have a good time doing it.

I watch a lot of British comedy shows, especially Little Britain. Do you have a favorite TV series or character?
Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan)

Out of all the American cities you’ve been in, which one is the filthiest?
Not sure, I have a few favourites cities. The first time I went to Seattle I thought it was suspiciously clean.

After you’re done with your current US tour, what’s next for the Kaiser Chiefs?
The world is our oyster

And finally… what comprises your ultimate burrito?
I once had a burrito that weighed as much as a brick, it put me off.

The Kaiser Chiefs’ new album “Yours Truly Angry Mob” is out now on Universal Motown! Visit their website here: here