Avengers: End Game Teaser Trailer Is Here!

Media | Dec 7th, 2018

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The Avengers 4 trailer is here and it’s just the right amount of stuff we needed to see. I’m sure there will be more trailers with the coming months but now, this is what we needed. We got the title, which is Avengers: End Game, we saw Scott Lang and Hawkeye (who seems to be Ronin now?), but the trailer features mostly Tony, Black Widow and Captain America. We get glimpses of the other survivors (No sign of Captain Marvel, Rocket though) but this is pretty basic trailer but effective one. It sets up the “end game,” the beginning of the end for some characters. Avengers: End Game will be out April 26th!

The Avengers: End Game poster was also released.

Now we wait for the next Marvel trailer, which is for Spider-Man: Far From Home which will be out tomorrow. Pretty awesome week if you’re a Marvel fan.


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