Music Video: Denis Leary – “Kiss My Ass”

Media | Jul 3rd, 2012

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Denis Leary has never won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony or an argument with his wife. So he is happy to announce the brand new song “Kiss My Ass,” which will hopefully add to his trophy-free cachet this year when he also fails to win a Grammy.

“Kiss My Ass” is a swinging tune celebrating some of democracy’s greatest gifts: freedom, the American flag and giant gas-guzzling SUV’s. The track is available digitally today, July 2nd. You can also head over to the front page of for the world premiere of the video. Just in time or America’s 236th birthday party.

“The National Anthem is a truly great song,” Denis explains. “But it’s really really hard to sing and it’s not that funny. I wanted to create an alternative anthem that makes you tap your feet and has the word ‘ass’ in the title. It’s pretty much the same reason I’m creating my new social site Assbook. Why are we staring at people’s faces when we could all be gazing at gorgeous girls in yoga pants?”

Backed by his band The Enablers – featuring the fabulous all-female Rehab Horns – Denis pays tribute to perhaps the most important American value of all: your right to vote. Not for politicians of course. They suck. No – Denis is talking about voting for your favorite singers and celebrity douchebag dancers on vapid reality shows. And then watching the loser you DIDN’T vote for break down and cry. And watching that whole mess happen on a plasma TV almost as big as a hotel swimming pool. While eating and drinking as much shitty food and sugary soda as you damn well please. “Voting from your sofa, the chocolate fountain at Golden Corral and yoga pants are what our forefathers had in mind when they started this country,” Denis says.

So sit back, grab a huge drink and some potato chips, pretzels, pizza, Cheetos, ham, donuts, dip, Velveeta, weed, cupcakes, Cheez Whiz, a plate full of hot fried bacon and your Glock: “Kiss My Ass” is here to make you laugh. (Dancing totally optional).

The ENABLERS are Denis’ longtime musical collaborators and have their own unique influences from the late 60’s, early 70′ and Brit Invasion. Adam Roth has played guitar in NYC since the late 70s with bands ranging from The Del Fuegos to the Jim Carrol Band. Adam is also the main composer for the TV series Rescue Me. Chris has been Denis’ longtime songwriting partner and co-produced the albums Lock N’ Load and No Cure For Cancer, which featured the hit ‘Asshole’. C.P. Roth has also been a studio and live performer in NYC since the 70s. A multi-instrumentalist who has toured and/or recorded with Ozzy Osbourne, Blessid Union, Suzanne Vega, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, and Lenny Kaye. Alec Morton, formerly with Raging Slab, holds it all down on bass. The band is rounded out with highly respected local musicians Liza Colby and Sherryl Marshall contributing backing vocals and the infallible Rehab Horns made up of Jenny Hill, Stephanie Richards and Lauren Sevian.

The music video for will debut on July 2nd. Directed by Bryan Reisberg, of Uncorked Productions, who previously helmed the yet-to-be released web series, THE WALKER, starring Rightor Doyle, Carey Mulligan, and Zoe Kazan, and will be making his feature directorial debut this Fall.


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