Stranger Things Offers A Spoilertastic Teaser For Valentine’s Day

Media | Feb 14th, 2020

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Well, one way to outright say a certain character from Stranger Things might be alive is to just show that in a super quick teaser clip from the 4th season. It gets people excited for the new season but why not just show very little without just showing who the person is. Allude to it. People really need to re-think how they do trailers these days.

Plus, I’m sure if you were trying to avoid spoilers, every site has already said who’s back in the main image and headlines. I refuse to do that.

You can watch the teaser clip below, which is pretty much slave labors digging in the snow in Russia. You see a quick glimpse of Tom Wlaschiha, who played Jaqen H’ghar on Game of Thrones and then…GASP, YEAH he’s back! Watch if you want to be spoiled.

Not sure when Stranger Things premieres, I’m assuming this Summer or Fall again?


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