The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Will Make you Squeal with Joy!

Media | Oct 19th, 2015

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If there’s two things that really don’t go well together, it’s football and Star Wars. Star Wars fans had to sit through 2 quarters of Monday Night Football to see the new trailer. It was like watching paint dry. Meanwhile, football fans were probably in the kitchen grabbing another beer or napping. The latest and probably last trailer was awesome! Lots more glimpses and dialogue from the new characters as well as some old ones. Oh man, can’t wait!

So where in the world is Luke Skywalker? Looks like Kylo Ren is just a bit obsessed with Darth Vader. Plus it looks like Kylo Ren was torturing Poe Dameron too! Great to see more of Chewie and Han, and Leia too! Rey seems like she’s going to be the main focus, as well as Finn. Lots to over-analyze and discuss with fellow Star Wars fans for sure!

You can now buy advanced tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens right now as well! Good luck trying to get tickets since websites are down right now. Certain movie theater chains will be celebrating the release with marathons and other things. Visit for more details on that.


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