Video: Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer

Media | Jan 30th, 2015

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Earlier today, someone posted a bootleg version of the Game of Thrones trailer for Season 5 that quickly went viral so it only makes sense that HBO release the real trailer later in the day. If you haven’t seen the previous seasons of Game of Thrones you might be spoiled by some of the things shown in trailers. But then again if you’re reading a post about Game of Thrones, serves you right for getting spoiled. You can watch the HD version of the trailer and my thoughts below.

As a book reader, I have some ideas where the storylines is going but a lot of stuff that seems to happen this season will be vastly different than the books. Storylines will be streamlined, altered or made up all together. I guess I’ll have to face facts that the show is going to be different. I still have many questions that the show didn’t even bring up last season. Where’s the Brotherhood!? Where’s once her face that can’t be named because it would spoil it? Where’s Bryden Tully?! Where’s Edmure Tully too?! It’s going to be weird if all these things go by 2 seasons without being addressed. As much as I love the series and it’s my favorite, I think the creators slipped up a little bit with events that did or didn’t happen last season.

On top of the trailer, Game of Thrones posted a lot of new stills from the show as well. Check them out at the awesome fan site Watchers on the Wall.


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