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Music News | Dec 22nd, 2015

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I have 2 new t-shirts designs on sale (well one of them is) on My latest shirt design that I drew & designed is for all my SKA friends with kids. It’s the “Ska Dad” shirt! The first edition is for Fathers with Sons and now there’s a new edition for Fathers with Daughters. If these do well I may do a Ska Mom series as well. The Ska Dad with daughter is on sale for 3 days at $14 plus shipping. The other is currently at $20 but the site does sales site wide all the time.

This is in part in honor of my Dad who we called Ska Dad, even though we got him into Ska music. But he went to all the shows with my brother and I and made it possible for us to see a lot of bands we loved. Now that I’m a Ska Dad myself, I had to make these shirts! This shirt was mainly for me but I’m sure other Ska Dads out there wouldn’t mind wearing this at the next show. Right?

Purchase the shirts now and spread the love! Thanks!

Ska Dad T-shirts for sale

Ska Dad with Rude Boy Son:

Ska Dad with Rude Girl Daughter:


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