Fat Mike gets mugged in South America

Music News | Mar 5th, 2010

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NOFX are currently on tour in South America with a few dates left but the other night someone stole Fat Mike’s iPhone right out of his hands while texting! Of course, the mugging didn’t really phase him. See what Fat Mike had to say about it:

If there ever was a good way to get mugged, I found it. Yeah, No one wants to get robbed, but if you do, I can’t think of a better way.

So, I’m walking down the streets of Buenos Aires at around 7 am looking for a bar and I stop at an intersection. I wanted to text one of our camera dudes and tell him that I was gonna wander around town for a while and maybe he wanted to film me. I pushed send and a guy on a bike accidentally knocks my I-phone out of my hand. Wait a second, he doesn’t stop and my I-phone isn’t on the ground. I look to my right and there he is, holding my phone (which has a fuck load of pictures that I don’t really want made public) with his right hand and making a pretty fast getaway. Wow! I’ve been robbed!

I kind of laugh and think, pretty sneaky. What a fucking great way to get robbed. No violence, no trauma, no chance I’m gonna run after him. Pretty sweet really. I also had a few hundred bucks in the phone case, but I would rather lose that then get held up at gunpoint or bashed in the head with a pipe. So even though I lost, I really kind of won. South America ain’t such a bad place after all.

Ps. I had a passcode lock on my phone so you didn’t get shit mother fucker! You do get points for style though. I was impressed.

Fat Wreck Chords has a showcase on Saturday, March 20th down in SXSW where Fat Mike will make a rare appearance as Cokie The Clown! Be sure to check that out.


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