Horrorpops Complete new album Bring It On+ Set for September 13 release

Music News | May 19th, 2005

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(Epitaph, Los Angeles, CA) Blazing rock n’ roll ensemble, HorrorPops, have completed their second full-length album, Bring It On!

Featuring anti-diva, “patricia,” on vocals & stand-up bass, Kim Nekroman & Geoff Kresge on guitar and Niedermeier on drums, the band has produced a creepy, sexy, sordid, booze-drenched maelstrom of chest rattling bass slaps, needle prick guitar riffs and ear popping drums that is sure to keep them on the industry radar for quite some time.

Tentatively slated to feature fourteen tracks, Bring It On runs wild across a huge chunk of the rock n’ roll spectrum; in-which the band showcases a new-found stratum of musical aptitude, energy and confidence.

The addition of Rancid/Bad Religion producer Brett Gurewitz behind the boards as producer also helped the band maximize their potential, and Bring It On is a screaming testament to his contribution.

Due out on September 13th, 2005, Bring It On is sure to make a strong impression on the rock n’ roll scene, as well as anyone else within ear-shot!