Jawbox to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon December 8th

Music News | Oct 9th, 2009

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In support of the upcoming November 24th reissue of their consummate release For Your Own Special Sweetheart, seminal DC post-punk band JAWBOX will appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on December 8th. They will perform their single “Savory.” The performance will be the band’s first of any kind in 12 years.

The album, which was originally released on Atlantic Records in 1994, sees the band returning to their roots at the renowned Dischord Records as well as their own DeSoto label, which will work together to release this reissue. JAWBOX was one of the cornerstones of the pivotal DIY punk label, in good company with bands such as Fugazi, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring and Shudder To Think.

With the help of Dischord and engineer Bob Weston (Mission of Burma, Jawbox, and member of Shellac) For Your Own Special Sweetheart is meticulously remastered and will be re-released on both CD and vinyl. And, according to bass player, Kim Coletta, “it just sounds a whole lot better.” The collection will include the entire original song line-up along with three additional tracks that appeared on the Savory +3 EP released by Atlantic in 1994. The vinyl version will include a coupon redeemable for free digital download of all songs including the bonus tracks.

Of For Your Own Special Sweetheart Pitchfork Media raved, “it’s one of the greatest slabs of angular guitar throb that the District of Columbia produced during the 90s, which is saying something.” They called single “Savory” “the weirdly sexy guitar tangle that remained a cool-kid mixtape staple for at least a decade.”

JAWBOX arose from the primordial pond of DC’s raucous, vibrant underground in 1989, bringing with them a loud, fast and spirited brand of punk rock that brought zealous fans into the pit in droves. JAWBOX played their first show opening for Fugazi in 1989; For Your Own Special Sweetheart recalls the latter’s hardcore leanings. After two releases on Dischord they captured the attention of Atlantic Records, with whom they released For Your Own Special Sweetheart, widely considered to showcase the band at its peak. The combination of heavy rhythms, guitar-driven soundscapes and hooky melodies both hark back to and distinguish the band from their roots among Dischord’s finest underground offerings, the boundaries of which they constantly pushed.

JAWBOX is J. Robbins (guitar, vocals,) Kim Coletta (bass,) Bill Barbot (guitar) and Zach Barocas (drums.)

Track Listing:

1. FF=66
2. Savory
3. Breathe
4. Motorist
6. Cooling Card
7. Green Glass
8. Cruel Swing
9. Jackpot Plus!
10. Chicago Piano
11. Reel
12. U-Trau
13. Whitney Walks
14. L’il Shaver*
15. 68*
16. Sound On Sound*
(* = tracks not on original release)


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