Lost City Angels Rock the 1-800 Suicide/Hopeline Tour

Music News | Jun 13th, 2005

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Boston, MA Quickly becoming a major force in punk, Stay Gold recording artists LOST CITY ANGELS are living up to their name by wholeheartedly supporting The Hopeline Network/1-800 Suicide (the same non-profit suicide prevention organization that benefits from the annual Take Action! Tour) with a co-headlining benefit tour, named The Hopeline Tour Presents LOST CITY ANGELS and AKA’s with support from Downloadpunk.com. Along with the help of King Of Nothing, And Against All Authority, A Wilhelm Scream, both Lost City Angels and AKA’s will be hitting a handful of East Coast cities, such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, DC and Jacksonville.

“Many times in our lives, we’ve felt alone and lost and suicide was a very real option,” explains vocalist Ron Ragona about why this tour is important to the band. “When your head is deep in depression, it’s hard to know that it’s gonna be alright. It’s great that The Hopeline Network is here to help you through it.” Adds bassist/vocalist Drew Suxx, “We’ve had our unfair share of fallen friends to things like drug abuse, violence, and suicide, and we are all for helping an organization like this to stop it from happening.”

The Hopeline Network / 1-800 Suicide is a network of hotlines that brings the tremendous knowledge, skill and resources of over 141 existing crisis centers under the safety net of a single, easy-to-remember, toll-free telephone number. Approximately 7 million calls are made to crisis centers each year from people who are in crisis with thoughts of suicide. Since 1998 when the NHN went live the rate of suicide in the US has dropped by over 5%. However, having lost their governmental funding due to policy changes, the Hopeline is currently privately funded and is in need of financial support to keep the program running. The Hopeline Tour will hopefully raise funds and awareness of the organization and Lost City Angels are more than happy to contribute.

“As soon as we heard the idea about supporting The Hopeline Tour, I thought to myself, why the f*ck would they want to have LCA involved? Our songs have the tendency to capture life’s darker moments,” said drummer Adam Shaw. “But it really made us think, we’re not a band who really means to give those vibes out, they just happen. So it gave us even more of a reason to support this. It’s something that happens everyday that doesn’t have to happen, it’s a preventable moment.”

Lost City Angels have been building and growing in leaps in bounds with the release of their second album Broken World. With their healthy and widespread fanbase in place and major critical acclaim coming in buckets, they’ve been touring relentlessly, winning over naysayers and those unfamiliar with their old-school brand of hardcore punk. “Honestly, I keep taking a step backward and seeing how this band started out as nothing but a bunch of f*ck-ups and am amazed at where we’ve landed. These last five years have been a roller coaster but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Radio has been showing their major support for the band as well with adds and spins in major markets. Among the leaders in the radio world are WFNX in Boston, Nashville’s WBUZ, Tallahassee’s WXSR, and the WAITT Radio Network which broadcasts out to their affiliates nationwide. The LCA love has been spreading to other stations too, such as Boston’s WBCN, LA’s KDLD, and Sarasota’s WTZB among many others.

Lost City Angels have just wrapped up their national tour with Social Distortion and are headlining their way back East just in time to kick off The Hopeline Tour. Immediately afterwards, they will jump onto The Vans WARPED Tour. Click here for full up-to-the-minute tour dates.