Members of Pilfers and Spring Heeled Jack join Organ Beats for animal charity song

Music News | Dec 17th, 2010

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While many of us are celebrating with friends and family this holiday season, many of our animal brethren in shelters and other inhospitable places aren’t so lucky. Waltham, MA’s THE ORGAN BEATS have decided to extend a branch of mistletoe to these dogs and cats in their homestate with a Christmas song for charity this holiday season.

All proceeds from the sale of “This Christmas” will go directly to the The Mission of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals–Angell Animal Medical Center ( to protect animals, relieve their suffering, advance their health and welfare, and prevent cruelty. Feeling that their compassion was needed in this project, Ron Ragona (Spring Heeled Jack, Lost City Angels, The Murder Mile) and Nick Bacon (Lost City Angels, The Pilfers, Miss Derringer) added their musical touch to the song. “Making a Christmas song is a great way to reach out to a ton of people and remind them how important it is to give whatever they can to charitable organizations,” said The Organ Beats vocalist/guitarist Noelle, “and what better time than Christmas?!”

“This Christmas” has been released via The Organ Beats’ BandCamp account (a site designed for selling digital music) and can be purchased here.

Noelle had donated to large organizations in the past, but she decided to donate to local charities this time around. While writing a break up/love song with Ron Ragona, the song evolved into “This Christmas” about a couple’s previous Christmas spent apart due to a rough patch in their relationship and desire to repair it by ensuring that they spend this joyful Christmas together.

Donations at the Bandcamp page (min. donation: $1.00) will go directly to the MSPCA, an independent organization founded in 1868. “Music has been used as a means to bring people together and I’ve been using it to do just that and more,” Noelle continues. “Its purpose is to bring people and animals together and remind us all that Christmas is a time to give, so why not give a donation of money, your time, food, blankets? Whatever you can give to a great organization that could never have enough of any of those things. Just visit one of their many shelters and you’ll see how well they take care of their wonderful animals!”

The song was produced and engineered by Noelle in her modest home studio and performed by Noelle (The Organ Beats/Damone) – vocals, guitar, keys, xylophone; Ronnie Ragona (The Murder Mile/Spring Heeled Jack/Lost City Angels) – vocals, bass, guitar; Danny (The Organ Beats) – percussion; Nick Bacon (Pilfers/Miss Derringer/Lost City Angels) – lead guitar; mixed and additional production by Alex Hatziyannis at Old Folks Home Recording.

The Organ Beats’ “This Christmas” is available at


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