NOFX Banned in the USA?

Music News | Jun 21st, 2018

NOFX, Direct Hit, Mephiskapheles @ Irving Plaza, NYC (19)

Fat Mike went to his Instagram and said all the NOFX shows in the US were canceled and they were banned from playing big events/clubs in the US. So are they going to make a Bad Brains inspired-shirt saying “Banned in the USA?”

If you’ve been living under a rock, some of the guys in the band made a really bad joke about the Vegas shooting. It’s what they usually do on stage but the banter went too far this time. I hope no one goes to see comedian Anthony Jeselnik live any time soon though. They apologized for it and now paying for it big time. Probably best for Fat mike & NOFX to lay low for a bit anyway. I’d assume a lot of people are still mad at them and venues don’t want to have them play at their venues. At the same time, the band apologized. Perhaps the band can play a benefit show for Vegas victims and donate the proceeds to their charities to make amends? That is, if a venue will let them play.

Fat Mike commented on his Instagram account this morning:

Fuck it! I’m not supposed to talk about it, but because of the comments we made in Las Vegas… every NOFX show has been cancelled in the US. We did not drop off the shows…. we were told that NOFX is not welcome to play ANY big venue in the United States. No joke! NOFX has effectively been banned in our own country. This is not our choice, but it is our reality. We are very sorry to our fans, especially the ones in Austin. For now, we are playing in Europe, Mexico, and Canada. The Punk in Drublic Festival is still happening in Europe and other continents. I’m trying my best to bring it back to the US but a lot of people don’t want it to happen. It fuckin sucks! We made a mistake, we apologized, and we gotta suffer the consequences. Maybe it ain’t fair, but whoever said life was. We are just very thankful that our fans are being so supportive. Thanks to all of you!!!!! See y’all in Slovenia tomorrow!

Meanwhile, the band is set to release a live album NOFX – Ribbed Live In A Dive on Fat Wreck Chords on August 3rd. We’ll see if that release will be postponed until things quiet down a little.


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