Pauly Shore launches a new website and podcast

Music News | Sep 11th, 2014

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The Weasel is da da da back! I guess…Pauly Shore is getting on the podcast train and launched a new podcast, along with a new website as well.

For one, with the website’s launch comes the launch of Shore’s podcast, “Pauly Shore’s Interested,” with each episode focusing on Shore interviewing a fellow comedian or entertainer. Shore explains, “My new podcast has three elements: the interview, someone commenting on the interview, and me. Sweet! It’s called interested. Why do I call it ‘interested?’ ‘Cause I’m actually INTERESTED in the people that I’m talking to, and hope you’re interested too.”

Episode one kicked off this Wednesday at 6am EST, with a new episode to follow weekly, and is featured on the iTunes homepage. The premiere episode features Shore’s interview with screenwriter/actor/comedian Rick Overton and commentary by Ed Begley, Jr. – a Robin Williams tribute episode. Shore, Overton, and Begley, Jr. were all close to Williams, making this tribute episode quite a moving tribute.

About the Williams tribute episode of “Interested,” Shore shares, “As the world knows, the genius Robin Williams passed away recently. I was very affected by this, not just because of his talents, but because Robin was very close to me and my family. Robin started at my mom’s club, the Comedy Store, in Hollywood back in the late ‘70s. I’ve known him since I was a kid. Hopefully Robin is in a happier place now. He’ll be loved and missed by me forever. So I chose my first episode to be a tribute to Robin Williams, that’s why I thought it was appropriate to interview Rick Overton, one of Robin Williams’s best friends – and have Ed Begley Jr., who was also very close with Robin, comment on the interview.”

Upcoming episodes include an interview with Arsenio Hall and commentary from Paul Rodriguez on September 17th, an interview with Andy Dick and commentary from Lucas Dick on September 24th, an interview with Michael Steele and commentary from Jerrod Carmichael on October 1st, and an interview with Sammy Shore and commentary from Rudy DeLuca on October 8th. For more info on the podcast, please click here.

Coming up on the Pauly Shore pipeline is also the feature length documentary he directed, PAULY SHORE STANDS ALONE, chronicling his life on the road. The film recently won “Best Documentary” at the Downtown Film Festival in Los Angeles and will be premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival in October – it is slated for a December release.


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