Punk/Dub remixers Cry Tuff Council puts their spin on Estelle

Music News | By on May 6th, 2008

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A Former Bosstone and a Former Canadian Walk Into A Studio…

NEW YORK, NY – Known primarily for their Dub reworkings of punk and alternative bands, duo CRY TUFF COUNCIL have added the new hit single “Come Over” by R&B singer ESTELLE to their growing banquet of remixes. Available exclusively on Rhapsody, the track is culled from the album Shine on Atlantic Recordings.

Comprised of Nate Albert (former Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and David Bason (former Canadian resident), CRY TUFF COUNCIL have been remixing punk rock into dub reggae on Stay Gold Records for the last couple of years. Among their slate of wax is “Stagger” By The Street Dogs, “Portrait Dub” by Less Than Jake, “No Revolution Dub” by The Explosion, “Pretty Pet Dub (featuring HR from Bad Brains) by Aberdeen City, and “Matchbook Poets Dub” by The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!).

“Estelle is the punkest,” Nate chuckles, replying to why they chose the R&B singer. “Actually, ‘Come Over’ already had a Rock Steady Feel. We just blew it up.”

Cry Tuff Council plans on expanding their range of clients on the strength of this track. Pretty soon, it won’t just be Estelle cooing ‘come over’ to the pair. “Come Over (Cry Tuff Council Remix)” is currently available as a Rhapsody exclusive.