Ranking Roger of The Beat and General Public Has Passed Away

Music News | Mar 26th, 2019

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Sad news in the music scene, and this one hurts, Roger Charlery, a.k.a. Rankin Roger of the Beat and General Public has died of the age of 56. It was revealed that back in December/January that he had a stroke last Summer, then was diagnosed with two brain tumors and lung cancer. In the video where he revealed the news, his outlook was positive and to fight it. As his official Facebook page posted: “He fought & fought & fought, Roger was a fighter.” Let’s crank Roger’s music tonight and listen to it loudly, and dance to it hard! Rest Easy Roger!

Roger just released an excellent album Public Confidential, but he’s also released another excellent ska album with his versions of the Beat Bounce a few years ago. It was announced a few weeks ago that he finished his biography with his co-writer, Daniel Rachel and the book will be published by Omnibus Press this spring or early summer.

I wish I got the chance to see Roger perform live, especially with The English Beat but I would have been happy seeing him perform either Beat bands honestly. Time to go listen to some music from Roger.

Some music from Ranking Roger:


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