Spring Heeled Jack returning for another reunion show or two

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Connecticut ska band Spring Heeled Jack haven’t played together since 2002, when they played a Dave Karcich’s memorial show which raised $8,000 for a fund in his name. Various members of the band are/were in other bands but looks like SHJ will be back for some shows in some capacity. Jr, Sax player of Less Than Jake and SHJ, confirms that the band are going to do a proper reunion show which won’t be rushed this time. Don’t know what the details are yet but I’m sure JR will post them on his blog or twitter feed sooner or later.

JR talks about his time in Spring Heeled Jack and the passing of Dave, which I’m still in shock about; I can’t imagine how the band members must have felt about it. I highly recommend you read his full blog below, but here’s an excerpt:

We decided that we need one more chance. I always hated when people would “come out of retirement”. I had some very harsh things to say about Brett Farve making his comebacks. Same with Michael Jordan. We had always talked in the van how lame the Kiss reunions were and that if and when we ever broke up we would never EVER do a reunion. Well, at this point we’ve already done one, but that was very last minute and very thrown together, but for a good cause. The ends more than justified the means.

We all discussed it and decided that we would do one more show. Maybe two. But one show, for sure. We are in the process of booking it now. I can’t really tell you anything more than that, but for those of you who didn’t know of my life before Less Than Jake, there is the history. We are going to re-release both of our full length records (Static World View and Songs From Suburbia) on vinyl for this show and will also have some new and classic merchandise available online soon. You can check back here for updates on this, but I am very excited to get together with this talented group of friends of mine and play some songs that I hold very dear to my heart. Hope to maybe see you there.

OH! And let me be the first to officially say it:

[JR’s Blog]

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