The Attack’s latest single “Under the Gun” will be released in 5 languages

Music News | May 28th, 2014

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The Attack will be releasing their newest single/EP “Under The Gun” in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian) on June 13th! That’s crazy! The Attack is also set to tour with The Business in June as well.

Orlando based DIY Rock band The Attack look to expand worldwide exposure by releasing their new single ‘Under The Gun’ in five different languages Friday June 13, 2014. The Attack plan on carving out a tiny portion of worldwide digital sales as well as lay the groundwork for international touring and physical releases overseas.

Changes to the iTunes store as recent as December 2012 have made it more simple for artists of any size to release music worldwide. Globally digital sales account for 39% of the 15 billion dollar recorded music industry. The Attack and others will be wise to take advantage of the new ease of international distribution.

In addition to iTunes, subscription and streaming services allow a mechanism for songs by new artists to be promoted and heard throughout the world. Services such as Deezer and Spotify account for 28 million paid subscribers worldwide. This is not a tremendous figure but it has increased by over 40% from 2012 and is up substantially from only eight million in 2010.

Spotify currently has 10 million paid subscribers and over 40 million users. Offering subscription services as low as $5 per month. The streaming giant continues to widen their lead by expanding from 26 to over 50 international markets last year.

Deezer is now available in 182 countries and has partnered with 25 international telecom carriers allowing it to take the lead in bundling music streaming and mobile usage. More importantly Deezer integrates directly with Facebook dramatically increasing the opportunity for new music discovery. Deezer users are able to send music to one another via the Facebook platform.

It’s been a long time since Nina’s ‘99 Red Balloons’ and Flaco’s ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ were recorded in two languages each, or since international superstars Abba released as many as four language variants of several of their hits.

Ironically the only other recent multi language release came from another fixture in the Orlando entertainment landscape. Disney released ‘Let it Go’ for their hit movie Frozen earlier this year in 41 different languages. Unlike Disney’s track which was sang by different singers in their native tongue, The Attack’s singer Charlie Bender sang each version of the song himself with translations provided by friends and fans from all over the world.

‘It’s a bummer they (Disney) beat us to the punch, but we’ve been working on this since last fall. We know we had a good idea on our hands, they just had the resources to make it happen faster we did” said The Attack’s guitarist Brad Palkevich.

With an increasingly crowded domestic music market and an expanding international market bands like The Attack who put in the effort in an attempt to build an international buzz should expect to see growth. Even capturing the tiniest percentage of international downloads, streaming, and exposure will change the trajectory of their career and those who follow in their footsteps.

Tour Dates:

May 31 Sanford FL West End Trading Company w/ The Supervillains
June 3 Houston TX House of Blues, Bronze Peacock w/ The Supervillains

w/ The Business:
June 8 Denver CO Marquis Theater
June 10 Albuqueruqe NM Launchpad
June 11 Tempe AZ Yucca Tap Room
June 12 Las Vegas NV Cheyenne Saloon
June 13 Los Angeles CA The Down and Out
June 14 Pomona CA Characters
June 16 San Diego CA The Soda Bar
June 18 Sacramento CA The Blue Lamp
June 19 San Fransisco CA The Parkside
June 20 Reno NV The Alley Sparks
June 21 Portland OR Branx
June 25 Boston MA The Church
June 27 Baltimore MD The Side Bar
June 28 Philadelphia PA Kung Fu Necktie
June 29 Brooklyn NY Knitting Factory

+ More Dates Coming Soon!


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