The Fest 15 Full Lineup Announced

Music News | May 13th, 2016

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The Fest 15 have announced their full lineup and it’s pretty impressive with close to 300 bands playing! Some of the highlights include (Thank you copy & paste!): Propagandhi, Less Than Jake, The Ergs! (Reunion), Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads, Strike Anywhere, Latterman (Reunion), A Wilhelm Scream, The Flatliners, Braid, Knapsack, Samiam, Dead To Me, The Menzingers, Mustard Plug, Small Brown Bike, Tim Barry, Lemuria, Masked Intruder, Mean Jeans, Boysetsfire, Jeff Rosenstock, Ajj, Planes Mistaken For Stars, F.Y.P (Final Show), and a shitload more! The Fest is happening October 28th-30th down in Gainesville, Florida.

All the bands Added to the Fest lineup:

Dillinger Four, The Ergs! (reunion), BOYSETSFIRE(official), F.Y.P (Final Show), Negative Approach, PUP, Lemuria, RVIVR, Floor (Official), MASKED INTRUDER, Iron Chic, Mean Jeans, Big D and the Kids Table, Torche, Mac Sabbath, Tenement, Cheap Girls, Elway, Gunmoll (reunion), Twelve Hour Turn (reunion), Pink Razors (reunion), digger (reunion), Tired from Now On (reunion), The Copyrights, creepoid, DIRECT HIT!, Free Throw, Broadway Calls, Pretty Boy Thorson & the Falling Angels (final show), Hold Tight! (Final Show), RADON, Save Ends, Slingshot Dakota, Dowsing, Timeshares, Somos, Success, Sundials, Chris Cresswell, Erica Freas Music (RVIVR), SOMNIA, Vacation, Microwave, Wet Nurse, Signals Midwest, Assholeparade, Meridian, Steve Adamyk BAND, Sonic Avenues, Post Teens, Antarctigo Vespucci, Frameworks, Lifted Bells, Broadcaster, Hospital Job, Such Gold, Aspiga, Tiny Moving Parts, Worriers, Irish Handcuffs, Coffee Project, City Mouse, Protagonist, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Blacklist Royals, Stressface, Mikey Erg (Full Band), Joe McMahon (full band), Dan Webb & the Spiders, Empty Vessels, Dog and Wolf, Boardroom Heroes, Recreational Drugs, Remainders, Nervous Triggers, World’s Scariest Police Chases, Futuro (BR), Hodera, Billy Liar (UK), Traverse (FR), Not Half Bad, Awkward Age, Cicada Radio, Long Knives, Late Bloomer, Bodyfather, Alright, Mean Girls, Cement Matters (UK), TENS, Campaign, Have Gun Will Travel, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Adult Dude, Woozy, Veery, King Friday, Sleeptalker, Amygdala, Dryjacket, The Obsessives, Resonants, You Vandal, ROBES, Ratboys, Dead Tropics, The Otis Wolves, Brightr (UK), Jeff Shepherd, Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish, Stupid Daikini, What Gives, Russian Girlfriends, Lauris Vidal, Kid Not You, New Junk City, Pictures of Vernon, Boyfriend Material, Better Now, Old Vices, The Swindlin’ Hearts, Insignificant Other, Flat Stanley, Island of Misfit Toys, Laura Palmer, The Decline, UV-TV, The Duppies, Night Witch, Dredger, The Winter Passing, Alaska, Youth in Bloom, Sunshine State, The Gunshy, Bobby’s Oar, Brian McGee, Young and Heartless, Get Dead, Mannequin Pussy, DOC (FR), Die Choking, Hot Knife, Chris Stowe, Walter Etc., Almost People, Aerial Salad (UK), Guerilla Poubelle (FR), Scrap Kids, Nostradogmus, Edmonton, KAYA, Cut It Out, The Mermers, Hatrabbits, FK. MNT, The Thin Skins, DRUG, The Scutches, Fire in the Radio, Loki Danger, Barons, Horrible Things, La Peche, Ian Graham (Cheap Girls), House of Lightning, Ceramic Cats, Nightmares for a Week, Katie Ellen, Wolf-face, Whiskey & Co., Teen Agers, Hiccup, Divorce, Roger Harvey, Heat Rash, SODA, Amanda X, Widow and Children, Army of Ponch, Thunderclap, Family Friend, I Came From Earth, Museum Mouth, Divided Heaven (Full Band), Totally Slow, Salvatore Fiteni, Sports, Andrew Paley, No More, Lonesome Town Drifters, The Handsome Scoundrels, Ornaments.

Everything goes on sale next Friday at 4:20pm. TICKETS to Fest/Pre-Fest/Combo Passes, Ybor/Gainesville HOTELS, PORK CHOP FEST EXPRESS TICKETS, MERCH and other stuff. Buy them here. Be sure to visit The Fest’s website for details because I probably forgot some.


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