The Last return after 17 years and sign with End Sounds

Music News | Aug 20th, 2013

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Joe and Nick Mike Nolte are bringing back their LA punk band The Last after 17 years. They will be joined by Descendents/All members Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez. They signed with End Sounds and plan to release their 7th full-length album, Danger! soon. The Last have already scheduled a full band performance on Sunday, November 3rd at The Fest in Gainesville, FL.

After seventeen years, iconic Los Angeles punk rock band The Last will make its long-awaited return this fall. The group’s seventh full-length album, Danger!, will be released via Austin–based independent label End Sounds. Welcome to the new age of The Last—brothers Joe [vocals, guitar] and Mike Nolte [vocals, keyboard], Bill Stevenson [drums], and Karl Alvarez [bass].

However, the band never really went away. Everyone from The Bangles and Descendents to Circle Jerks and Black Flag counts The Last amongst its influences. They pioneered a distinctly catchy yet raw and powerful sound that’s permeated every facet of rock and roll. With a seminal catalog on labels like SST and Bomp! Records, with releases L.A. Explosion! [1979], Look Again [1980], Painting Smiles on a Dead Man [1985], Confession [1988], Awakening [1989], and Gin & Innuendoes [1996], they’re continuing to build their formidable legacy now with End Sounds.

Still, they’re pushing the envelope. The new incarnation of The Last includes members of Black Flag, FLAG, Descendents, and ALL and will once again be playing shows. Additions include the production and drum talents of Stevenson (listed #25 on Spin’s Top 100 Alternative Drummers and producer of albums by Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, NOFX, and Lemonheads), and the raw power of Alvarez. The Last has a new, impeccable and impenetrable rhythm section and groove to the music.

Label president Jonathan Gill comments, “Punk, in general, owes quite a great deal to The Last, as we hope you’ll find out. When Joe Nolte and Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, Descendents, ALL) asked if End Sounds would like to release their next record, it felt like a circle being completed. We’re all very excited. They keep progressing, and we hope you hear that with the new songs. Get ready for some snarl and melody.”

The Last are back and have already scheduled a full band performance on Sunday, November 3, at The Fest in Gainesville, FL. Stay tuned for album details and more tour dates to be announced soon.


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