Boids – “We Stalk Each Other Like Animals”

Album Reviews | Apr 14th, 2014

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Punk
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The Boids aren’t what you would think of when talking about Stomp Records bands. They have an old school melodic hardcore sound mixed with some thrash and other various genres of punk. One could say that they are a punk rock smorgasbord.

One of the things that I like most about older hardcore and punk bands was the fact that most bands of that era were never ones to drag songs out. In true punk fashion, the longest song on “We Stalk Each Other Like Animals” is 2:58. To me that makes the contact precise and poignant. There isn’t much room for screwing off.

With the matter-of-factly stated punk rock agenda, the Boids provide a sound that draws from various punk stylings with plenty of sing-a-long, melodic parts with music fast enough to please any punk 77er. “Hong Kong Candy” reminds me of a Black Flag song, “Humble In The Jungle” is reminiscent of an Adolescents song while “Smartass” is a weird blend of ALL/Descendents and the Suicidal Tendencies. It’s this crazy and unique sound that keeps “We Stalk Each Other Like Animals” interesting until the very end.

Old school, new school, middle school…punk fans in general should take a half hour (or maybe a couple hours) of your time and check out this Boids album. There is most definitely something for any punk fan.

Bottom Line: Blending together punk from all eras, the Boids put together on fun and unique sounding album. It’s kind of like a soundtrack for punk rock in general.
Notable Tracks: Hong Kong Candy, Gamma Rays, Smartass, Off We Go
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