The Sleeping Releasing New Album on July 28th

Music News | May 25th, 2023

The Sleeping Releasing New Album on July 28th
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The Sleeping will be releasing a new album called I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost on July 28th. Their new song “The Animal” is the lead single off of their forthcoming album, which you can hear below. The album features their original lineup (Doug, Cameron, Sal, Joe) that hasn’t played together in over 16 years.

“The Sleeping” are a NY-based alt-rock /post-punk band that has been making a name for themselves since 2003. Led by Doug Robinson and supported by Sal Mignano on bass, Cameron Keym on guitar/keyboards, and Joe Zizzo on drums.

Doug Robinson commented about the single:

‘The Animal’ is written about the anxieties we deal with on a regular basis, when the world outside of our inner circle invades our own personal space. As we get older, our circle often gets smaller and the world around us feels a lot more intrusive.”


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