Alborosie- “Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom of Zion”

Album Reviews | Feb 22nd, 2010

Record Label: Greensleeves/VP Records
Genre: Reggae
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Alborosie, hailing from Sicily Italy, emigrated to Jamaica to be closer to his Rastafarian beliefs, and with “Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom of Zion,” comes a collection of his previous two albums plus a few new tracks. Known for his controversial lyrics, Alborosie also has a unique style as it merges both contemporary reggae with traditional methods of reggae music. Featuring 18 tracks, this record is a good introduction to reggae fans regarding this controversial performer.

With the new record “Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom of Zion,” Alborosie helps details the way he has ventured away from Sicily to Jamaica. David Hinds of Steel Pulse lends his vocal on the first single of the record “Stepping Out” a Steel Pulse staple. Other guest vocalist includes Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage, I.Eye, and the late great Dennis Brown sampled on the track “Can’t Stand It.” Alborosie covers topics of love, drugs, poverty, and war. Some might find Alborosie controversial with his lyrics, but really most artists out there today are saying what they feel and it is going to upset some people. Get over it.

Bottom Line: A good mix of traditional reggae and dancehall, featuring some legends guest starring.
Notable Tracks: Steppin Out, Kingdom of Zion, One Sound, Promised Land
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