Anti-Flag “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 26th, 2007

Record Label: A-F Records
Genre: Punk
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Last February, Chris #2 of Anti-Flag suffered the loss of his sister. His sister and her boyfriend were senselessly murdered. Each band member had their own way of reacting to the tragedy. One way Chris and the rest of the band coped with this was to write music & speak their minds through that. This Anti-Flag benefit E.P. features brand new Anti-Flag songs, as well as some live tracks. I’m not sure why they are calling this an E.P because this album has plenty of songs to be considered a full-length album. I guess E.P in the sense that there are only 6 new songs, and the rest are live songs.

The new AF songs are great! If you liked their last album, the songs sound along those lines. If I had to chose who sings more in the band, I’d pick Chris #2 because I like his voice better than Justin’s. But having the option to hear 2 people singing is even cooler. I did get into Anti-Flag’s music when Justin was singing mostly so it’s not like I don’t like his vocals..just not as much as Chris #2’s. I think the strongest songs on this benefit album have to be “no Future” and “Anthem for the New Millennium.” There are a couple of interludes in-between songs as well. One about Katrina and another one that says John Ashcroft was a Nazi.

The proceeds for this benefit album will go to the Center for Victims of Violence and Crime ( CVVC is an organization that assists families affected by a tragic loss of a love one. So besides giving money to a worthy cause, you also get a kick ass Anti-Flag album. The new songs are great and I’m looking forward to hearing their next full-length album. I believe the band just went into the studio to record new material as well. So be sure to support CVVC, Anti-Flag and AF Records by getting this album!

Bottom Line: Good music for a good cause. Its just sad the reasons behind why this album was made.
Notable Tracks: No Paradise, No Future, Anthem for the New Millennium, Corporate Rock Still Sucks
Overall Rating: