Boomtown United – “Boomtown United”

Album Reviews | Jul 15th, 2018

Boomtown United
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Know your basic food groups of ska music and looking for some fresh new music for you to get your head to bob and your dancing shoes shuffled?

Here are the Boomtown United, ska band served in the 3rd wave variety from St. Louis and new music from the ska inspired scene that is worth listening to. Soulful, melodic, traditional, and often times smooth and harmonious, down tempo as well as up tempo harmonies are to be found here. Boomtown United just released a 5 song EP which opens with a very soulful and melodic love song, “The Calling.”

The Boomtown United then picks up the tempo with two high energetic tracks, “Love Like Fire” and “Outside.” “Too Many Chances” brings back the smoothness for another love inspired track. The record closes with “Work It Out,” rebounding back to a fast paced energetic melody. As with most solid EP releases, this one is short but sweet and certainly leaves this listener wanting to hear more of what they can do. The music does leave a visual after thought of what this band’s live shows may be like, a tight sound making machine playing in front of a dance floor of infectious body movements and swinging hips.

Bottom Line: These guys follow the formula of the traditional ska and 3rd wave variety. Fast and melodic at times. Slow and tight at other times. Solid effort by the Boomtown United, appeasing for the appreciator of the 3rd wave or modern ska music.
Notable Tracks: The Calling, Too Many Chances, Work It Out
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