Converge – “Beautiful Ruin” EP

Album Reviews | Jul 2nd, 2018

Converge - Beautiful Ruin
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Record Label: Epitaph/Deathwish
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
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Converge return with a surprise EP with songs left over from The Dusk In Us sessions with this 4 song Beautiful Ruin- EP. It’s a bit confusing as to why these couldn’t be included as time wise the EP clocks in under 7 minutes, but overall given context of that The Dusk In Us could be considered a perfect album, and that would have probably overstuffed the album and I’m not sure these would have flowed well within that, thus warranting their own release.

The EP opens with its longest track “Permanent Blue,” which doesn’t sound too far off from what was actually on their previous full length. The rest of the EP finds them dabbling in some more experimental stuff that doesn’t stay around past it’s welcome, but gets the point across fast. The thrashier side of Converge comes out on “Churches and Jails” with it’s super fast punchy pace, ensures to ignite several circle pits in your ear drums. “Melancholia” sounds like an angry sloppy punk song with it’s very abrasive in your face sound. “Beautiful Ruin” closes out the EP and sounds like something that could fit right in on the Poacher Diaries or When Forever Comes Crashing, reminding me of that classic sound that got me into them so many years ago.

Bottom Line: Overall this is a pretty cool extra EP, although I’m sure they could’ve waited a little while more to unleash this to tide fans over til their next album, whenever that may be.
Notable Tracks: Beautiful Ruin, Churches and Jails, Permanent Blue
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