Elika – “Always The Light”

Album Reviews | Feb 4th, 2012

Record Label: Saint Marie Records
Genre: Ambient/Lo-Fi
Band Link: elikamusic.com
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Slowly and calmly unraveling soundscapes, “Always The Light” is great accompaniment to reading, office work, or zonking out. While it straddles singer/songwriter and indie lo-fi realms, the unwaveringly unhurried pace are firmly ambient.

Postal Service-Lite programming provide the gauzy atmosphere, while the sultry low-register vocals (almost like a gothy Madonna) keep the music from floating away. The emotional and personal lyrics are a plus.

At first pass, Elika sound unambitious. The steadiness and uniformity of the music might not help Elika stand out, but, in a way, that’s what makes them appealing. It’s as if this Brooklyn duo is ignoring the hipster flourishes of similar bands in their neighborhood, choosing to communicate calmness over coolness.

Bottom Line: Pleasantly warm, like a mild cup of tea.
Notable Tracks: Stay Beside Me, Count Your Steps, No One Gets Lost, Trials
Overall Rating:


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