Jenn Mierau – “Hush”

Album Reviews | Feb 19th, 2012

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Ambient
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True to the title, Jenn Mierau sings with hushed, babydoll vocals, a little reminiscent of the cutely cooing Lykke Li. But where Lykke Li sounds exotic, vulnerable, and otherworldly, Jenn Mierau tries but fails to sell a French lounge sultriness.

Perhaps Nouvelle Vague was in mind, too: the album starts off with a tepid cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong” that has all the “hush-ness” of the original but without the romance. The originals are also flat and consist of unimaginative programming and slow, single-note piano/organ. “A Little Blue” and “Told You” have a simple dance beat, but they’re not exactly going to break the dance charts.

Hush is by no means unpleasant, but it is uninspiring. Anyone with decently gothy vocals and a Casio could probably come up with something better.

Bottom Line: Cutesy vocals and insipid programming fail to create atmosphere.
Notable Tracks: A Little Blue
Overall Rating:


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