Fishbone – “Live (In Bordeaux)”

Album Reviews | Mar 12th, 2010

Record Label: Ter A Terre
Genre: Ska Funk
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Fishbone have never released an official live album until 2009. That’s crazy considering they have been known as a premier live band for years! The band released this CD/DVD back in February in the States, but I believe it was released earlier overseas? Fishbone played a show in Bordeaux, France on April 23, 2008 and it was recorded and filmed for this release. This is a must-have for Fishbone fans!

Believe it or not, after all these years of listening to ska and Fishbone, I have never seen them live. I had a chance to see them perform at my first Warped Tour in 1996 but some reason I missed them. I did seem Angelo Moore and the guys going on various water rides at Action Park in New Jersey. That was kind of cool to see. I saw Angelo performing with some bands at last year’s Warped Tour if that counts. Mmm, don’t think so. I really wanted to see them play with The English Beat this winter but things fell through. I’ll get my chance sooner or later. But enough of that, on with this live CD/DVD!

I only got a chance to listen to CD to review, since I wasn’t given the full live DVD. I was kind of bummed to only getting the CD since the DVD has more tracks. Plus it’s just nice to watch the performance than just listening to it. The live CD has 12 tracks in total that include some of their best songs ever like “Ma & Pa,” “Bonin in the Boneyard,” “Party at Ground Zero,” “Sunless Saturday,” “Everyday Sunshine” and “Freddie’s Dead.” Does the band play “Ugly,” “A Selection” or ”Skankin’ to the Beat” at their current live shows? They have always been my favorites from Fishbone but they are missing from the CD and DVD.

The recording of the live album sounds good, and you can hear the audience cheering and things like that. Sometimes live albums forget to include things like that, and you forget you’re listening to a live album. At one point, the band pays tribute to Sublime with a cover of “Date Rape.” That was done really well, including one of favorites “Ma & Pa.” After listening to this, it makes me want to get off my ass and see the band live for once. Or at least watch the DVD that comes along with the retail copies of this release. Go get this or see the band in person!

Bottom Line: Took all these years to get a live release from Fishbone but it was worth it!
Notable Tracks: Bonin in the Boneyard, Ma & Pa, Party at Ground Zero, Give It Up, Everyday Sunshine
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