Hands – “The Sounds Of Earth”

Album Reviews | Mar 29th, 2009

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Record Label: Oort Records
Genre: Christian Metal
Band Link: link
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Self-important Christian metal/hard rock. But worse than their sanctimonious nature is their mediocrity. If the 5-minute intro doesn’t put you to sleep, the rest of their sludgy, midtempo “concept album” will.

They’re not musically inept (thus the single star), but their level of self-importance compared to the quality of the music is wildly unbalanced. You have to be a damn good band to get away with this kind of ego, and the boring, slow riffing here, combined with holy chant-like singing isn’t going to cut it.

Bottom Line:
I now know how Job felt.
Notable Tracks: I like the one about God.
Overall Rating:


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