Jimmy The Squirrel – “Whatever the Weather”

Album Reviews | Oct 31st, 2010

Jimmy The Squirrel Whatever the Weather

Record Label: Do The Dog Records
Genre: Ska
Band Link: www.myspace.com/jimmythesquirrel

Jimmy The Squirrel from Nottingham are back with Whatever the Weather, which is their debut full-length album. The band have previously released their EP on Do The Dog Records, and frontman Liam O’Kane released an acoustic ska album on the label as well.

From what I heard from Liam O’Kane and Jimmy the Squirrel, I didn’t like their stuff compared with other Do the Dog Records artists. I just get the “eh” feeling to it after listening to their stuff. It’s not bad by any means, I’m just not blown away. The first few songs are all right, but the third track “Sort It Out” is when things to start to pick up (no ska pun intended). That track has just the right amount of energy and 2 tone bounciness in a ska song for me. The rest of the album is hit or miss. Perhaps other ska fans will appreciate this debut album from Jimmy The Squirrel but I was underwhelmed with it.

Bottom Line: Jimmy the Squirrel’s debut could have been better in my opinion.
Notable Tracks: Sort It Out, Swings and Roundabouts, A Little Less
Overall Rating:


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