Left Alone – “Left Alone”

Album Reviews | Apr 16th, 2009

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Record Label: Hellcat Records
Genre: Rancid Punk
Band Link: www.myspace.com/leftalonepunx
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When I listen to Left Alone, I used to think of Rancid. With their self-titled album and 3rd album on Hellcat Records, I think they finally shook that comparison. Left Alone hasn’t sounded any better with this release, and if you liked their previous albums; wait ‘til you hear this one!

The mixture of punk and ska is something I always liked in bands; but I usually preferred bands to just play the ska songs. This time, I think I enjoyed their punk songs as much as the ska-influenced tracks. Granted there were only a couple of ska-ish songs but still, the punk songs sounded awesome! From what I can remember, the vocals have gotten so much better and their music is just more polished. You can tell they have really grown as a band. They sang Spanish on their previous albums but I can’t recall them doing so on “Left Alone.” I really like the Hammond organ in their songs, as it makes them sound different from your usual punk rock band. There are 15 tracks in total and not one of them sucks, or made me want to skip to the next track. Left Alone keep getting better and better with each release, so if you want to listen to the band, I’d recommend getting this album first.

Bottom Line: The best album to date from Left Alone!
Notable Tracks: Sad Story, Bombs Away, Self-Made, Low Fidelity
Overall Rating:


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