Linval Osbourne – “EP”

Album Reviews | Jan 28th, 2013

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Record Label: N/A
Genre: Reggae

I really don’t know much about this relatively unknown reggae artist and amazingly the power of the internet isn’t enough to solve that issue. All I have to go on are the four songs on a CD-R with the track titles with a phone number and the name Linval Osbourne.

What I do know is that the four classic sounding reggae songs on this EP are pretty freakin’ good. If there were a scratchy record sound and a mono speaker sound, you could be led to believe that this was recorded in the 70’s. They definitely have a Trojan Records sound to them. I would hope that when there is a full length released, Linval would send it our way. I would love to hear it!

Bottom Line: Four classic sounding reggae songs that are soulful and well written
Notable Tracks: Jah Love, Country Mi Come From
Overall Rating:


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