New Model Army – “Between Dog & Wolf”

Album Reviews | Oct 28th, 2013

New Model Army - "Between Dog & Wolf" Album Review

Record Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
Genre: Rock
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I’ve been a fan of New Model Army for several years and their earlier work is incredible. Their albums from the ‘90s and later have always been hit or miss with me. Between Dog & Wolf continues that trend of some good songs and ones I could do without.

NMA’s previous album Today Is A Good Day was actually one of their better albums in recent memory. It sounded similar to their earlier albums and that’s the stuff I mainly like. A lot of the newer material and a lot of these tracks on Between Dog & Wolf sound just okay; like some spoken word/poetry jam.

“March in September” embodies everything I like about New Model Army. Interesting background riffs, great lyrics, catchy hooks and you’ll also sing along to it. It’s frustrating to me because I wish the entire album was like this one song. Instead we get this and maybe a few more tracks that will be repeat listens (if that). The rest of the album is just too slow for my liking. I understand bands wanting to grow and mature their sound, but this album feels like the hard rock sound is completely gone. If this album was nothing but tracks like “March in September” and songs that sound like their older faster material, I’d be a happy guy.

Bottom Line: I liked Today Is A Good Day a lot better
Notable Tracks: March in September, Did You Make It Safe?, Lean Back and Fall
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