The Pietasters – “Awesome Mix Tape #6”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 6th, 2008

Record Label: Hellcat Records
Genre: Ska
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Hits the quality mark somewhere between their creative peak on the Moon releases and the disastrous Willis. While nothing stands out in a catchy / sing-a-long way, nothing is too terrible, and fans who have stuck with them after Willis wont be disappointed.

The sound is skarock with a Stax spin, carried by Steve Jacksons gritty voice which sounds Bob Mould-ish on a couple of tracks (at least it does to me). The Pieguys go for a less scumbag lyrical style this time around, although lines like let my freakwig flag unfurl and me no wanna lick you down there do have a way of popping up.

Apparently theyve toned down on stage too theyve stopped asking for oral sex and dont call their female audience members whores anymore. Have the Pieguys finally matured? Or was it the demise of ska that pulled them down from rockstar status? Who cares. As one ska slut said to the other: Theyve left a bad taste in my mouth.

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