Play Date – “We All Shine”

Album Reviews | Sep 26th, 2015

Play Date - We All Shine

Record Label: Fun Fun Records
Genre: Children’s Music
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Greg Attonito from The Bouncing Souls and his wife Shanti Wintergate have created a fun little side band called Play Date. The music is focused on children, just like the entire label on Fun Fun Records. Ska and punk parents can appreciate this music since they can maybe listen to this with their children instead of crap like The Wiggles.

Considering I just turned a parent last week or so, I will certainly be checking out more music from Fun Fun Records and Play Date. We All Shine is Play Date’s second album; their first was Imagination released in 2012. Nothing I hate more than Barney and other lame children’s music and I certainly don’t want to listen to that stuff in the car. Not only are these songs good for children, they aren’t bad to listen to general as well! The lyrics are fun, cute and fun for the whole family.

Shanti does most of the singing, with Greg singing background. I keep expecting Greg to break out into “Joe Lies” or something. “Stevie The Fox” starts the album off and it’s a cute song. “Fruits & Vegetables” is a series of quick songs that is a fun little nod to The Clash’s “Know Your Rights.” “Ninja Pajamas” has Greg singing lead and hip-hop artist Stef “P.O.S” Alexander is also featured on the song as well. That one gets a little repetitive after awhile. I like the next tune “Cardboard Box” better. That one has an Aquabats feel to it. Each song has a different style of music so there’s something for everybody.

If you got a kid and sick of hearing the same old type of children music, give Play Date a listen. It will probably save you a few bottles of Advil.

Bottom Line: Music that will make you feel all warm and cuddly
Notable Tracks: Stevie The Fox, L-O-V-E You, Colors, Ninja Pajamas, Cardbox Box
Overall Rating:


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