Point Line Plane – “Smoke Signals”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 7th, 2008

Record Label: Skin Graft
Genre: Noise
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Well, this sucks. I liked PLP’s first album, but this one is just a giant steaming pile of suck. PLP used to be a creative, dynamic duo using synths and effects to give hardcore noise an ass-kicking.

But this album, which starts off so incredibly dull it might as well be a Pink Floyd album, is mostly mopey, dopey death disco. And when death disco doesn’t sound cool, it sounds really, really eye-rollingly lame.

Some of it is just too painful to sit through, particularly the third track where the word “camera” is repeated until you want to take a camera and take pictures of you beating PLP’s heads in with said camera. Anyway, I am profoundly disappointed.

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