Rayner – “Disasters”

Album Reviews | Jun 26th, 2017

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Record Label: Ftlp Records
Genre: Punk Rock
Band Link: Rayner on Facebook
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Rayner are a five-piece whom hail from Sin City/Las Vegas, Nevada. Their specialty…punk rock songs with a heart and soul that will have you singing along with their heartaches and heart breaks as well as the positive things in their life. And to think that I almost passed up this band…

While sorting through things that I did and did not want to review the name Rayner caught my eye. I don’t know if I thought that I recognized the name for some reason so I started listening, briefly skimming through the 5 tracks on the EP. And then I started from the first track “Jagged Pieces”…and then the EP was over. So I listened for a second time…and then a third. Although I wasn’t familiar with the band there was something very familiar to me.

What caught my ear about Rayner was their obvious 90s punk and pop punk influences. Their sound is somewhat of a mix of Face To Face, No Use For A Name and the Bouncing Souls. With the resurgence of the influential 90s punk sound, Rayner are one of the best examples of doing it right. They don’t try to mimic any one particular band or sound but the influences are all over their own amalgamation of the sounds of the era. The songwriting is brutally honest and sincere and the musical chops of the band add to the equation. The track “Simplicity” is as tragic and heartfelt of a punk rock song that you’ll ever hear. “Disasters” is very infectious and, with only five songs making up the EP, it keeps you longing for more.

If the old guard of punk rock has let you down once again, it’s time to dig deeper into the up-and-coming bands in the punk rock scene. Rayner has put together five songs that will set you on the right path to punk rock enlightenment. Well, that may have gone a little far but “Disasters” is worth multiple listens whether it’s on the path to enlightenment or just on the path to work.

Bottom Line: “Disasters” is five songs of pure punk rock energy that will have you wanting more. It’s honest and sincere all the while backed by a kick ass punk rock soundtrack.
Notable Tracks: Jagged Pieces, Simplicity, Blurred Lines
Overall Rating:


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