Rebelution – “Falling Into Place”

Album Reviews | Jun 1st, 2016

Rebelution - Falling Into Place
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Record Label: Easy Star
Genre: Reggae Rock
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The growing popularity of Rebelution is evident, climbing the Reggae charts over the years, and with that comes their latest record “Falling Into Place.” Their fifth full length record, the group set out to advance their fun, reggae rock sound. The band certainly achieved that with this record.

Starting off with a bang, and the infectious, horn filled Summer Anthem “Know It All,” was a great start. This tune will surely be a crowd pleaser for their upcoming summer tour and many tours to come. “Know It All” tackles the growing increase in people’s opinions of world matters, how violence and hate won’t win out over positivity. Jamaican artist Protoje is featured on “Inhale Exhale,” which talks about the legalization of Marijuana and how it’s spreading throughout the US. My favorite tune on the record is “Upper Hand.” The song features more great percussion, and a killer bass/guitar riffs. I can already picture the fans dancing like crazy to this one live. “Falling Into Place” features one excellent track after another. By the time you have time to come down from, pardon the pun, the high of listening to the record, it’s pretty much over.

What makes Rebelution stand out from the rest of the Reggae Rock groups out there is Eric Rachmany’s vocals and musical talents. Unique in sound, and you can tell he comes with many influences in tow. Rebelution is not just reggae. You can hear Alt Rock, Dub, Blues, Hip Hop, even some World influences.

The band’s relentless touring and exciting vibrant shows certainly have catapulted them towards the upper echelons of the Reggae/Rock community. Rebelution have hit their stride and fans will really love this record.

Bottom Line: A great start to Summer with an impressive collection of fun and exciting tracks.
Notable Tracks: Upper Hand, Know It All, Lay My Claim, Inhale Exhale, Free Up Your Mind, High on Life
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