Skinny Lister – “The Devil, The Heart & The Fight”

Album Reviews | Oct 31st, 2016

Skinny Lister The Devil, The Heart And The Fight
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Record Label: Xtra Mile Recording
Genre: Folk Punk
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Skinny Lister’s latest album The Devil, The Heart & The Fight is without a doubt, their best album in their discography. The band has taken their folky, sea shanty punk rock sound and made it more accessible to others that might not like British folk rock. The songs are catchier and they just POP!

I’ve been listening to Skinny Lister since their 2013 album Forge & Flagon, but not on a consistent basis. I liked a few songs from each album. That has changed with their 2016 album. Skinny Lister has channeled The Pogues more on this album; when Kirsty MacColl was always playing with them.

“Wanted” starts things off to a raucous start and gives you an idea on what to expect with the album. “Geordie Lad” is probably my favorite track on the new album, or a close second to “Devil In Me.” The song is a good example of how the band has matured their sound to more of a poppier sound. “Geordie Lad” is beyond catchy and makes me want to scream the chorus. The other song on the album that is a real standout is “Devil In Me” because Lorna sings on the track. I really think she’s channeling Kirsty MacColl on this one. When I first heard it, it sort of had that Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II” vibe as well. Either way, it’s a different sounding Skinny Lister song but I love it.

Other tracks that I like include “Tragedy in A Minor,” “Injuries,” “Hamburg Drunk,” “Beat it from the Chest” and “Charlie.” “Hamburg Drunk” is a very-Pogue-ish song and I dig that one a lot. A fun one to dance to. “Beat It From The Chest” is a song that sounds like something like from their first two albums. I like it though, there’s a riff or section of the song that sort of reminds me of Carbon Leaf’s “Miss Hollywood.” At least I hear it, I could be hearing things but I know it’s not intentional. I doubt Skinny Lister even know of Carbon Leaf.

The Devil, The Heart & The Fight is perfection for me, from start to finish. Not a bad track on the album. I hate that my own website, we usually give nothing but 4 or 5 star reviews, but we tend to review stuff that we like. What can I say, this album is awesome! If you’re a fan of The Pogues, Frank Turner, The Levellers, and other folk punk/rock acts you’re going to flip your shit for this album!

Bottom Line: An amazing album
Notable Tracks: Georgie Lad, Tragedy in a Minor, Devil In Me, Hamburg Drunk, Charlie
Overall Rating:


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